• Grace Baptist
    Grace Baptist We place a great emphasis on the clear proclamation of God's Word both in our worship services and Bible study classes.
  • Our Pastor
    Our Pastor Bro. Ron Harvey has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministries from Mid-South Bible College (now Crichton College), one year of Seminary Training at Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, Maryland and a Juris Doctor Degree from Cecil C. Humphrey's School of Law in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Prison Ministry
    Prison Ministry Grace Baptist Church has sponsored a preaching ministry to Whiteville Correctional Center in Whiteville, Tennessee.

We are an Independent, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church recognizing Christ alone as our Head and the Holy Scriptures as our only source of belief and practice. We firmly believe the Scriptures teach the "Doctrines of Grace" which are sometimes referred to as Calvinism, although we strongly maintain that these doctrines did not originate with John Calvin but have been eternally true in the mind of the One, True God.

We place a great emphasis on the clear proclamation of God's Word both in our worship services and Bible study classes. We desire to expound the rich truths and doctrines found within the Bible so that those who hear might understand and apply the Word to their lives. We hope that your time in God's Word with us will prove helpful.

As a congregation, we are seeking to conform to the model of the New Testament Church in both our belief and practice. We desire to grow in Christ-likeness and practical godliness.
Grace Baptist church is rejoicing over God sending us two new members Adrian and Ting Onng. They moved to America from  the Phillipins five years ago, meet and married. They have two beautiful children, Joshua and Jillian aged two and four.
Adrian was looking on the internet for a sovereign grace Baptist church who had an expositorer preacher. What a blessing to have members who know God' word and are looking to learn more. Welcome Adrian, Ting, Joshua and Jillian

We believe the world about us needs to know Jesus Christ in His saving power. Therefore, we seek to provide a faithful witness to the truths of the Gospel both at home and around the globe through mission work.

If we can assist you in your search to know more about the way of faith and the Christian life, it would be our privilege. Please contact one of our members or church leaders for counsel in God's Word.

Our focus in on preaching and teaching the word of God. As you enter the doors of Grace Baptist church you will find a congregation of spirit filled believers with the sweet fragrance of Christ.
Unity in the church comes from loving God and others. You can't love others without loving God. "How can I make myself love others who are hard to  love? The bible commands us to love others who do us wrong, those who are our enemies. But how is this possible? as you have discovered it's one thing to know we ought to love those who are difficult to love, but it's hard to actually do it. It is not possilbe to love others the way God says to without the love of God in our hearts.The bible says for us to love one another, for love comes from God. Love isn't just an emotion but a deliberate decision to do what is best for someone else. By nature we all  tend to put ourselves first, and when someone does us wrong, we react in anger instead of love. Wtih the love of God in our heart he replaces selfishness and unforgiveness with His love. We begin to see the person through God's eyes of compassion and learn to love and forgive the same way God loves and forgives us. We are to prefer others before ourselves. We are to love others freely and fully in spite of their faults and our own faults. Pray for those you find difficult to love, ask God to help you see them the same way He does. He loves them as much as He loves you in that He was willing to send His only Son into the world to die for them, just as He did for you.