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Letter Apr. 18, 2012

2012-04-18 Mission Brief — Danny G Roten

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you brethren for your faithful support and prayers. We praise the Lord that we can not only labor, but also co-labor together with you.

I have enjoyed meeting and sharing the Gospel with Spanish-speaking people on the streets of south-west Oklahoma City. I do not cease to be amazed at the change that has occurred to that part of the city. It is predominantly Hispanic. Truly the mission field has come to us. This has had an enormous effect on the Baptist churches that were once scattered all over that area of the city. Several English-speaking Baptist churches have moved out of the area, due to the inability to minister to the resident population of the surrounding neighborhoods. Sherwood is one of that number. There are many others that simply closed their doors and disbanded. There are several still in the area that have auditoriums that will seat 300 – 350 people, but only have 8 in attendance (no exaggeration)! The only prospect for Gospel light to shine in this area (for this generation) is for Spanish-speaking churches to be established. “Spanish-speaking” will not be a permanent situation. While most immigrant adults need to hear the Gospel in Spanish, their children are learning English. But it will be churches established today that minister to this neighborhood tomorrow.

Speaking to people on the street, I have not found any wanting to have Bible studies in the home. So I began praying and looking for a place to set up public services. After a lengthy search, the Lord blessed us to meet the Sunnyside Baptist Church, an English-speaking church in the right part of town, that is doctrinally like-minded, and desirous to open up some rooms to us to use for an initial meeting place. The arrangement even allows us to have an exclusive entrance. That gives me a place to invite people to meet with us, and will allow me to be more systematic in visiting the neighborhoods. We thank the Lord for this answer to prayer! Please pray with us that the Lord would not only enable us to speak the gospel to many, but that He would give them ears to hear, and an heart to know the LORD!

I leave in 2 minutes for my Wednesday night Bible study at the Federal Prison in El Reno. It is going very well, and the men who attend would appreciate your prayers.

Grace and Peace,
Danny G Roten