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Letter Jan. 25, 2013


Dear Brethren: Greetings in our Lord!

Sending church: Victory Baptist Church: Kansas City, MO 9601 Blue Ridge Extension, Kansas City, MO 64134

Pastor Laurence Justice · (816) 761-7184 · www.victorybaptist.us

I arrived back in the US from a quick, 2-week visit to Brazil this past Saturday, the 20th. The Lord greatly blessed my time in South America. One of the purposes of this visit was to officiate at my brother, Daniel’s, wedding. I am happy to report that he and Sabrina are now happily married. If you’re interested in hearing about that happy, distinctively Brazilian event, check out my sister’s blog on the topic: http://charityg.blogspot.com.br/2013/01/wedding-pictures.html.

Another purpose of the visit was to pave the way for Stephanie’s and my arrival in Brazil by trying to get a head start on the inevitable, often mindless, bureaucracy that will accompany our arrival. I was able to get my Brazilian CPF number (akin to our Social Security Number) reactivated, and hot on the heels of that marvelous exercise in bureaucratic navigation, I was also able to open a bank account. However, I was not allowed to complete the process of obtaining my Brazilian driver’s license, as hoped. While I passed the written test and physical exam (which consisted of the doctor asking me to identify the colors green, yellow and red, and then requesting that I pull up both my pant legs to my knees to show her that I did, unquestionably, have legs), the Brazilian DMV told me that it could take up to 90 days to re-issue my driver’s license. Thankfully, I was able to leave a power of attorney with my brother, David. He hopes to run interference and take care of anything else that the DMV might require in my absence. I just hope they don’t ask him to prove that I have legs, again! Ironically, while my driver’s license might be delayed, I was able to research an excellent possibility relating to a car to be purchased upon our arrival.

Along with running around and trying to get things in order to facilitate our arrival in Brazil, my dad and my brother, David, gave me the opportunity to preach four times during my two-week visit. While I had to fight the urge to preach in English for the first several minutes of my first sermon, by the end of the two weeks I was preaching much more comfortably in Portuguese. Proof of that can be found at: www.palavraprudente.com.br/assista/mp3/prbenjamin/salvacaodemalfeitores.mp3.

I am grateful for these opportunities to preach in Presidente Prudente, and also in the work in Bataguassu. The Lord blessed with utterance and presence of mind, along with visitors and receptive ears, during those

Benjamin Gardner – Brazil Missionary Newsletter – January 2013 page 1

times when I was in the pulpit. As a result, I feel much more prepared to return and hit the ground running—both as it relates to language as well as ministry.

Thank you for your prayers for us during this two-week trip. Not only did the Lord bless in Brazil, He also watched over Stephanie during my absence.

In my last prayer letter, I mentioned that Stephanie and I would be continuing our deputation for a few more months until we reached our minimum goal of $3,600 of monthly support. I am pleased to report that while I was in Brazil, the Lord met that need. I am grateful to the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska and to Sherwood Baptist Church of Newcastle, OK for their sacrifices in increasing their support, allowing us to reach this minimum goal.

As a result, Stephanie and I are now back to looking at tickets and departure dates. We plan to be on the field within 70 days—no later than the 2nd week of April.

In Christ,

Benjamin Gardner