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Letter Jun. 29, 2012

2012-06-29 — Mission Brief — Danny G. Roten

Dear Praying Friends,

I continue preaching regularly in the work in Oklahoma City which we are calling the Iglesia Bautista Todo Por Gracia (All of Grace Baptist Church). I am encouraged to have visitors come who desire to hear the word of God preached in Spanish. This past Sunday we had one who had immigrated from Peru, and another from Mexico. The one from Peru, Reina, was hearing the Gospel for the first time, and showed some understanding and appreciation for what she was hearing. Pray for the Lord’s work of grace in her heart please. And pray that the Lord will soon give us abiding fruit in the start-up of this new church.

Bible studies with Spanish-speaking men are going very well each Wednesday at the federal prison in El Reno. There is a group of at least 5 who seem to show fruit of conversion, and are diligent in studying with me. There are others who come inconsistently. The prison chaplain has asked me to begin coming on Thursday evenings also, to conduct the Spanish worship service. My first time in that will be tomorrow night. The Lord is at work there. Some will be released soon, and we pray not only that the Lord will bless these men, but also that He will make them a blessing to others, and good citizens in the community when they are out.

Remember to pray for the website ministry. Traffic there is still good, and through it we are ministering to every country of Latin America.

Since 2012 marks the 200th anniversary of Adoniram Judson’s departure for Burma, I have been reading about him again. He felt the need to write to his supporters with an echo of the words of Carey to Fuller: “We desire, humbly, to repeat to the Board, what the first missionaries from the Baptist society in England said to their friends…. We are like men going down into a well; you stand at the top and hold the ropes. Do not let us fall.” We are very cognizant that we are wholly dependent on the grace of God, and your prayers and financial support for this work to move forward. We thank God for you all.

Grace and Peace,
Danny G. Roten
Grace Baptist Church Barlett, TN